Hi Adam!

I know you can be impatient so I'm sorry to have kept you waiting for this.  I wanted to share this concept we've been working on for a long time now.  We want to change how high-dollar transactional business (like real estate) is marketed.  We believe the future of storytelling is personalized and that staid websites, sell-sheets and brochures aren't speaking to your customers in a way that separates your property from the dozens of others they're looking at.

So how does it work for you and Compass?  Let's say you represent a building (like the one in Fort Point).  We would go in and film a story that includes points of personalization where we could take information that you receive from qualified prospects (like at an open house or through the website) and incorporate it in a personalized video deliverable that would be paired with a micro-site (like what you're looking at now), tailored to what you know about the prospect's particular interests in your building and showcasing specific units that are available and meet their criteria.

What do you think?