Shoot it. / Cut it. / Make ‘em remember it.
Web Series & Branded Content


Someone (a millennial), on a rooftop (probably above a bespoke, fair-trade chocolatier), on a megaphone (cranked to 11), is shouting “BRANDED CONTENT IS THE FUTURE AND IT WILL CONSUMED BY EVERYONE, EVERY WAKING SECOND, AAAAAAH!” 

Annoying? Undoubtedly. But true? Unequivocally. Fortunately, we’re really good at shooting it — branded content that people actually want to watch. The kind that gives folks the warm and fuzzies, the chills or whichever sensation you’re going for. So let’s shoot something memorable. We’ll leave the megaphone at home…(we’ll make an exception if you’re in the megaphone business).

  • Ideation & Creative

  • Talent

  • Branding

  • Pre- / Production / Post-

  • Distribution (Via Partnerships)

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