Explainer Video


let us explain the explainer...

An explainer video is used to quickly tell your potential customers what your company does and gives them compelling reasons for why they should do business with you. It's short and sweet (30-120 sec), and usually animated. Most companies choose animated explainers due to lower cost, faster timelines and easier editing vs producing a live action video. 

Explainer videos are a key tactic used by companies to convert visitors into customers. As such, they need to be succinct, on brand, and follow best practices for this type of video. At Ellipsis, we'll partner with you on explainer projects to ensure that we produce the most effective video that gels well with the rest of your marketing strategy and brand voice. 

Below is an example of an explainer video we did for One Team Collective
Contact us if you'd like a quote for an explainer for your company. We'd be happy to help!