What kinds of videos do you produce? 

All sorts. Live action and animated - and any combination thereof. Take a look at the various video types or just check out our work and let us know if there's anything you like. 

What length of video do you recommend?

With ever-shrinking attention spans, we need to be efficient storytellers.  Let's craft meaningful stories that drive home important takeaways in 30 to 90 seconds (if possible)..

What is a standard production timeline?

Sorry to say it but there is nothing standard in this business.  We've done projects as quickly as hours from concept to deliverable all the way through months.  Unless your scope is teeny or gigantic, you're probably looking at three to 12 weeks. 

Do we get the copyright?

You do!!!...mostly. Any custom work will be under your copyright. We may license certain elements on your behalf, like music, which you can use but won’t own.

Why do your clients love you?

Our clients appreciate the speed at which we work, our focus on story and our respect for budgets and deadlines.

Do you work with agencies? 

Sure! We're happy to work with agencies, but we do love working directly with clients. 

How do I get a quote?

Contact us. We'll be happy to help.