How it WOrks


This is how we do it...

SCRIPT / IDEA Let's get warmed up. First we work with you to hammer out your story. Then, if there's a script involved, we will assign one of our writers to your project and he/she will make it sing. Not literally (unless that’s what you want...).

STYLE FRAMES We'll explore style references with you so we all can align on a look for the project. This applies to both animated and live-action videos.

STORYBOARDS / SHOT LISTS If we're animating, now that we all subscribe to the same creative vision, we'll design custom storyboards. If we're shooting, we'll either create storyboards or outline the shots (depending on the scope of the project).

SHOOT, ANIMATE...OR BOTH Once you have approved the designs, the shooting or animation process will begin. We’ll keep you updated with regular progress reports.

AUDIO Towards the end, we’ll engage our audio team for music, voiceover, sound effects and a full sound mix and sweetening.

DELIVERY The last step is delivering the final file. And celebrating. Let us buy you a beer.