Hi Jami!

I wanted to share with you an example of video personalization which, along with modular video, is something that we are very bullish on.  As you know, we want to change how high-dollar B2B transactional services are marketed.  We believe the future of storytelling is personalized and that staid websites, sell-sheets and brochures aren't speaking to your customers in a way that sufficiently separates and elevates VantEdge One. 

How do we intend to create that future? By producing modular, personalized video content that tailors specific parts of VEO's broad story to the individual viewer.  We will build 15-30 second modules for each important segment of your business offerings that will flow together in any order and amount.  In the process, we'll add organic points of personalization into the video to recruit and retain the viewer. 

The best part is that these personalized deliverables can have very quick turnaround times once all of the content is produced.  One great use is if you're going to a trade show and will be making a bunch of contacts, you put us on hold for the day and send over pictures of all the business cards you receive.  Before your new friends are at the hotel bar, they'll find a beautiful personalized video in their inbox.

The OTHER best part is that we'll be creating all of these beautiful modules that can live individually on different pages of your website and/or distributed on social media.  

What do you think?

cam@ellipsis.tv / 646.753.0855