Modular Video


a Customized way to tell your story...

You've heard of an explainer video, but what the heck is a modular explainer video? Think of it as an awesome marketing version of the old-school Choose Your Own Adventure books.

If you have an audience who would be interested in cogs, prongs and tines, they don't want to hear about sprockets, gears and wheels, right? Right...?

If we pre-build modules covering the entire scope of your story, and we do it in a way where each module would flow together in any combination and amount, we are quickly, easily, and affordably able to arrange them in whatever order would be of interest to the prospect or individual audience. And if any element of that story changes, we're not back at square one. We simply revise or add modules.

modular video

The other benefit of a modular approach is that all of the pieces can technically live on their own. So the modules can live on individual pages on your website. Or if you were pitching your services in a meeting, we could break up the different modules into stand-alone pieces which could be interspersed throughout the presentation (giving the speakers a little break and the room a little burst of energy).

We would also make sure that everything we create is multi-purpose. We want you to be able to maximize the value of all of the custom artwork you will own.