This is the fam. The squad. The band of human beings who are every bit as unique, wacky and wonderfully weird as we are creative, intelligent and wildly talented. Get to know what makes us tick, before we help make you tick.


Cam... Exec. Producer / President

Cam has lots of ideas.  If you get too close to him - you may get covered in them.  No worries, he travels with a lint-roller.  Cam is a day-walker - he’s equally comfortable leading teams of creatives and finding stories within complex concepts. He’d love to speak with you about your project.


Pranav... Managing Director

Pranav’s connected.  Need a cobbler? He’s got you.  Cheesemonger? He. Can. Hook. You. Up! An unabashed Francophile, Pranav has taught his dog to speak French.  Le woof.  He oversees all aspects of Ellipsis’ growth strategy - including business development, client management, marketing and sales.


DARYN... New Biz and Digital Strategy

Yogic doesn’t even begin to describe Daryn.  Queen of zen, master of nirvana…but also a capitalist (apparently you can be all three at once), Daryn could sell heat to hot yogis.  In addition to representing Ellipsis’ production services, Daryn has years of programmatic sales and strategy experience now on offer to our partners.


Phil... Creative Director

Phil was studying accounting in college and realized - “colors and images and motion graphics are so much better than numbers!”  And now he’s our Creative Director (among many other things).  Thankfully.  For him and us.  He would have been a so-so accountant.  Instead he’s a VMA-winning and Grammy-nominated artist for his work on music videos. 


Tony... Post-Production

Three things about Tony (only two are true): (1) Tony is legally a lethal weapon; (2) Tony was a feature film stuntman; (3) Tony spent a whole day pretending to be B-List actor, Justin Long.  Bonus fourth fact that is definitely true - Tony is a Post-Production Wizard.  


Beth... Creative Services

A tap-dance national champion as a child, Beth is best known for her roles as “Penguin #3” and “Charlie Chaplin #1”.  She traded in fancy footwork for photography and creative brainstorming.


Joe... Director of Photography

Joe spent part of his youth trapped in a photograph.  He managed to use that time to learn all about lenses, light, framing and cameras.  How’d he get out?  Ask him.


Dom... Director of Photography

Effulgent.  Lachrymose.  Rhadamanthine.  These words may have been used to describe Dom’s cinematography.  But he doesn’t care.  Adjectives mean nothing to Dom.  His sole focus in life is creating images that tell stories.

JON... Sound Designer/Mixer

A sound blender / kneader / merger / mingler / stirrer / concoctor / combiner / amalgamator / fuser / compounder / dissolver.  He also designs and mixes. Yankee fan.


Tiffany... Casting

Young Tiffany discovered her incredible knack for Simon Says.  After years of dedication to the game, Tiffany decided she’d rather be Simon - and made a career of it directing models and actors during casting sessions for your (probably) favorite brands.  


Dave... Music Composer

Dave has literally composed a symphony using only a kazoo, triangle, old-timey wash board and a recorder.  It went on to inspire the hit musical, Cats.  An award-winning composer, Dave’s work has been featured in projects for McDonald’s, Home Depot and others.


Zak... Director / Editor

Zak’s power comes from his curls.  And they are powerfully creative.  Zak is a commercial director and editor who has worked for Amazon, Apple, Activision and FedEx.  #PremiereFoLyfe though we try to make him #Avid every now and then.


Let’s tell your ever-evolving story together...